Thursday, March 18, 2010

This Is The Day That Never Ends!

So... I woke up this morning in a damn good mood. Got up at 6:00 for once and actually got ready, rather than throwing my hair in a pony tail at the last second. I stopped off and got my UNsweet tea that totally makes my day. And then the crap hit the fan the moment I walked in the door at work at 7:00. "Can you intake Sally's kids, both her and her aide called in sick?" Oh joy.... oh bliss.... Come to think of it, I think there was a total of about nine call in's today... and it's spring break so we're already short handed as it is...

Long story short...I ended up staying until 5:00 this evening...NO lunch break...NO 15 minute break..nada zippo zilch. And to put the cherry on a fantastic day... the girl (that's putting it mildly) that came in at 12:30 in the class next door thought it was HORRIBLE that my aide and I got to leave before her. How dare her work more than three hours in a day? Didn't even get so much as a thank you from the bosses either. I could have said no, I couldn't stay and forced them to find my relief, but I didn't want to make waves on an already hectic day.

I did come home to see that NBC posted a link for Friday Night Lights hilighting "The Best of Eric Taylor." I'm glad to see him getting some recognition in a show that has had to fight for it's life since the very first day.

Here's hoping I'll actually get to leave at my scheduled time tomorrow.... And thank GOD it's Friday! Hopefully by this time tomorrow night I'll have a brand new phone too. The one I have is about to die, I think it just signed some DNR papers.


Mary McDonald said...

There must have been something in the air yesterday. It was one of the craziest days I've ever worked.

Have fun getting that new phone. :-)

ModernDayDrifter said...

Yeah, I think I'm still exhausted from yesterday. I didn't have fun getting the new phone, but I did get it, and I do love it...the process sucked though! ;-)