Monday, March 15, 2010

Insert Title Here

Okay, I don't have a good title for this particular blog entry. It's totally random and in no means is it going to make a lot of sense...that is, unless you are in my crazy head where even I have a hard time understanding what I conjure up in the deep realms of my pea brain.

Yesterday I was at my grandma's house visiting family. She has a bulletin board where she posts up random things from time to time. I was sifting through it and came across an obituary. The last name was extremely familiar and in no means common so of course, it peaked my curiosity and I read the entire clipping. Come to find out, it was a fallen soldier who died in Iraq in 2008. He is the dad of a child in my class. The poor kid never got to meet his father, he passed away before he was born. He was even listed in the section of family survived by the departed. Labeled as "unborn son" and then listed his name. There was absolutely no coincidence. The names are far too rare. So of course I was like, Mema, what in the world are you doing with this obituary? He was a graduate of a high school in this area and she keeps those to see if any of us know who they are. It just never got taken down off of the bulletin board. EERIE! It goes to show that this is definitely a small world.

On a lighter note, I had fun seeing family this weekend. They are leaving tomorrow morning. There was of course the usual bickering and fighting that people do when too much time is spent together, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Also, I'm not sure when the rain started last night but when I got up this morning it was 6:15AM....and it hasn't stopped and it is now 9:50PM. It was mixed with snow at some points and there's a light blanket of the white CRAP across the ground, but it will be gone by morning. At least all that rain didn't turn to snow earlier or we'd be in some bad trouble.

Don't forget to wear green on Wednesday! I'm on the pinch patrol and I'll getcha!

Quote of the Day: “A coincidence is when God performs a miracle and decides to remain anonymous.”


Mary McDonald said...

Wow, that is sad about the little boy in your class.