Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Circus Performer In The Making

After I wrote my blog on Friday night I checked my school email. I recently applied for federal aide to pay for school. I qualified for the 09-10 school year and got it with no problem. All of my schooling in the past year was free. The grant covered it all. I have two more semesters to go for the 10-11 school year and I figured, no big deal. I'll get another grant or some form of aide to finish up at South Plains College. I even did good and finished my FAFSA early...the sooner you submit the more money you tend to get.

Friday I signed in to check my status. Talk about a mood killer. They are putting me on financial aide suspension because I'm going to exceed 105 credit hours once this semester is over. They don't aide in anything over 105 hours. I can file an appeal and let them know that I've changed my major twice, hence why I have extra classes I don't need to graduate with. It's worth a shot, but I'm just so tired of jumping through hoops to get done with school. When I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel it's quickly darkened by something else I have to take care of before I can get that degree.

All I can do is try to appeal it. If that doesn't work I've got to find an alternate way to come up with that last bit of money to be done before I transfer to get my Bachelor's. Wish me luck!


Mary McDonald said...

That sucks. Have you searched out scholarships? There are tons of small ones out there, and they add up. I got one that paid part of my respiratory school fees from the American Lung Assoc, and then when I went back to school in the late 90s, I applied for some more. I'd forgotten about them because I applied so late, it was too late to use anything for that sememster. Well, turns out I got one for $300. No, not much, but it paid for another class I hadn't planned on taking.

ModernDayDrifter said...

Yeah, I've attempted the scholarship hunt too and have come up unsuccessful. I'm going to go for the appeal and see what happens. Worse case scenario is having to beg for more money like I've done for a few semesters in the past. I don't want to do that and am going to bust my ass to try not to.