Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Book Is Published!

My book went live on Amazon tonight! Here is the link if anyone would like to sample it out or even buy it! It's only $2.99!

I would say more, but right now I'm dead where I sit! Everyone have a great evening! Thanks in advance to those who check it out! :)

Monday, July 19, 2010


Long time no see, fellow bloggers!

My sister's wedding is now over and done with, and might I say, it was very classy and well done! On a side note, I'm glad it was a success and in the past! That's pretty much why I've been MIA for awhile. Jeez (looks at last blog update) JUNE?? Where does the time go? And to think, I have a little over a month left of freedom before school starts again! (deep sigh)

But hey, I got a huge goal accomplished tonight! I published my book, Modern Day Drifter, that has been sitting around collecting dust for months. I published it as an E-Book, meaning that you can download it onto your kindle, e-reader, computer, cell phone, whatever you got, as long as you have the kindle app, which is FREE, I might add!

My book is in review stage right now on, but once it becomes live I will post a link for everyone who is interested! I'm going to sell it for $2.99. Ah, the joys of E-publishing... things are so cheap!!

I hope everyone is doing well! I hope to hear from ya soon and let me know how you are!! :)

Here is the cover of my book that will soon be available for purchase on and possibly a few other E-book sites...