Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Up For A Challenge

Starting tomorrow, I'm taking a challenge posted up by a fellow blogger. We are to blog everyday in the month of April except for Sundays...from A - Z. So, for example, tomorrow on April 1st I will blog about a topic that starts with A. On April 2nd, something with a B...etc, etc. It works out perfectly. April has 30 days...minus the four that comes to 26, which equals how many letters are in the alphabet. I'm sure you're saying..."THANK YOU, captain OBVIOUS!" Bite me! I'm sleepy and taking it easy on the blogging tonight since the challenge starts tomorrow! :-P

Here is the link to the blogger who is hosting the challenge:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Music is my Muse

So, before I start the main idea of this blog, I gotta talk about something totally off topic. Who ME? Talk about something beside the point? NOOO! Anyway, yesterday I was sick as a dog! I felt horrible all day long...left work early...came home and crashed and pretty much slept all afternoon and evening, well into the early morning hours. I had a random fever and felt all congestion or sore throat though. Woke up this morning a little groggy from all of the meds I doped myself up on, but other than that everything was GONE! Very strange indeed. I was well enough to complete my day of workouts. what I really want to blog about.....

I have to say that I -love- music. In the car I'm listening to music. When I'm working out I listen to music. When I'm writing... when I'm browsing the is -always- going. My iPod has over 4,000 songs on it (I thought I had a lot until a coworker of mine informed me that she had 21,000 on her Zune. Do 21,000 songs exist??), and when I shuffle those's very random. Fast, upbeat rock songs, slow, depressing music, and of course, Country music being the most common genre. Shocker there, right? I even have a playlist for movie scores and instrumental pieces. That playlist comes in handy when I'm writing a very huge scene in my novel.

I am blessed to have parents who raised me with good music taste. I was brought up on 60's and 70's based rock n' roll. I thank them for such a broad spectrum of tunes that I have stored up in my head. Heck, I even have a few rap songs...not many..but a few. Sometimes they are good for getting pumped up.

What really gets me is people who only listen to ONE genre, and ONE genre only. Kind of like with most things in life -- How can you judge something before you try it? If the song has good rhythm and tasteful lyrics, what's the problem? A genre is just a label. I can understand if there's explicit lyrics how someone would get offended, but don't condemn the whole genre over some bad seeds! ;-) Those who do are missing out on the potential for some really awesome songs!

Another thing off topic, but take a look at this link of Kyle Chandler promoting a friend in the Pepsi Refresh Project...I have to say Mr. Chandler is looking all sorts of yummy.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Power of People

Today has been quite a laid back Sunday. I had church this morning, bringing in the most holy week of my faith. The sermon was good, the words struck home as usual. The church was so packed that by the time everyone commenced inside, there was standing room only. Just beautiful.

This evening I watched a feature on Dateline. It was about a family where the mother was a cancer survivor and had three children, two who had cerebral palsy. She was a single mother, trying to make ends meet. People in the small town where they lived started realizing how hard the family had it, and they got together to begin a program called "Hometown Heroes." They brought together volunteers to help remodel this family's home and make it where it was easier for the two children to get around in t heir wheelchairs. While all of the other families were suffering money wise, they still held functions and fundraisers to raise over 150,000 dollars to get the proper materials needed to have this work. They even remodeled in one month's time, just in time for the family to have Thanksgiving dinner in their new home.

It was a tear jerker. I found myself getting teary eyed over just how amazing people can be when others are in need. Despite everyone else's money problems, they put it aside to help out a much needier family. This also made me strike up a question.

Why is it that some people can be so amazing and generous while others are the complete opposite?

We've got people in that town who worked hard for four weeks to get the remodeling done, not even looking for recognition. They just wanted to help out. Then we have people who are capable of murder, rape, child molestation, etc. It just shocks me how night and day the human race is. I guess that's how it is though. We're not all built the same way. Our mechanics are different. We're all raised up to be different people, all with our own personalities and habits. It's just something crazy I was thinking about.

We need more people like who were featured on Dateline tonight. It was an inspiration to see such generosity and kindness.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Query Quibbles

Last night I stayed up late and finished editing my first novel. (Deep sigh) I need a fresh pair of eyes to do a full read over of it. I've only read it about a million times, and to me, it's stale and boring. I'm seriously hoping that it is only because I know exactly what happens and I know the contents like the back of my hand. If I have a fresh pair of eyes who are willing to go in and read it like it is an "official" novel, maybe that opinion will be different.

With the finished editing comes the time to start submitting query letters to agents. (double deep sigh) Writing a query letter is HARD. After I finished my edits I attempted my first draft for my letter. It took me over an hour to get around 250 words written. And today I re-edited the whole thing to something totally different. Writing is a forever changing process, especially for a girl who changes her mind about six thousand times a day.

I did a search of several different agents on a few literary agent sites this evening. I composed the ones that seemed to fit the criteria of my book in a list. This is probably one of the most nerve racking things I have ever done in my entire life. It's a catch 22. I spent well over a year preparing this manuscript. I've edited, re edited, rewrote, snipped, tore apart, screamed at, you name it to get it ready. In all of that mixed emotion, I had a lot of fun. Here's the catch -- An author spends all of that time polishing their work and then the agent search begins. Why is it that I'm shying away and putting it on the back burner after all of that hard work?

Could it be the fear of rejection? Yes. In the book, Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul, it mentions that getting an agent is a long line of rejections followed by one shining moment when you finally get the acceptance letter. The hard part is if you have a strong enough backbone in between rejection letters. I'm scared that I don't have thick enough skin to take it. I'm definitely going to find out. If I give up now, before even trying, that year of writing, while was fun for me, is for nothing.

Another fear is that my manuscript won't peak an agent's attention, and I'll be forced to put it in a drawer, never allowing it to see the light of day again. Since it is my first manuscript, the chances of that happening are immense. We all have to start somewhere, though.

I'm not going to submit anything tonight. Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to sit down and take another long look over the list I composed of probable agents to submit to. Ready or not, I've gotta give it a try!

Friday, March 26, 2010

To Sleep...Perchance To Dream

In the past I've told myself to start documenting my dreams. I am fascinated by hidden meanings in them and the dream cycle as a whole. I have always been a vivid dreamer. It is very seldom that I don't remember at least some of a dream I had the previous night. Believe it or not, I've even had dreams that somewhat come true, or something very close to it has happened. Now before you go off thinking I'm crazy, I don't think I'm psychic in the least bit. I just think that a lot of times, dreams are our sub-conscience screaming at us. It all depends on how much attention we give it.

Last night I had a horrible dream. I dreamed that my sister's maid of honor had died. There was no explanation in the dream of what had happened, just that she was no longer with us. It was devastating. I even remember walking into the morgue and seeing her body out on the table -- It was that vivid. She is a mom of twin girls and all I could think was "those poor little girls." My sister, of course, was devastated too. To top it off, later in the dream, a girl that I work with passed away as well. Again, the reason why was never revealed. The whole essence of the dream was dark and dreary, almost as if there was a haze over everything. Needless to say, I didn't sleep well. I kept waking up, tossing and turning, and looking at the clock. I got up exhausted and sad, like they really had died. Funny how dreams stick with you, especially ones of that caliber.

I even debated telling anyone about the dreams. How would you feel if someone walked up to you and said, "Hey, I had a dream that you died last night!" Ouch. I've been told several times that death dreams mean new life and new beginning. At least that's a positive spin on something so dark. I went ahead and told my sister about it. She said she could tell something was bothering me. It was evident I was very tired today. I hate restless sleep. It defeats the purpose of even going to bed.

I could go on and on about different dreams I've had. There's the jumbled, discombobulated type where you remember it but it's so screwed up that you can't put it into words, then there's the very vivid dreams as I had last night, and of course, nights when you don't even remember dreams. Honestly, I have to say that I'm glad I dream the way I do. With the imagination I have, it's only right for my mind to let loose like that. I guess that's the way it vents and prepares for the next day.

"Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives." ~William Dement

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Burst of Energy

Today was my first day back in class after spring break. On days I'm in class I pretty much work out all day. I love it. Today was amazing. I was full of energy and had good workouts in all classes. We started volleyball today in my basketball/volleyball class. While I am a basketball fanatic, I was glad to start volleyball and have a change of pace in things. My arms are definitely not used to volleyball anymore. It's been YEARS since I've played. So tonight, my arms are bruised and red from it. It's a blast though. Even yoga went well, and I'm not much of a yoga fan.

Anyway, when I got home I still had tons of energy. I went for a walk and then remembered I had some yard work to do, so I did that as well. When I finally sat down for the evening my body was saying "Woman, chill out and STOP!" LOL. I could probably go to bed right now, but it's a good kind of tired. I love this feeling.

The bad part of all of this is that I didn't get any writing done like I was hoping. I could try to after this blog, but I highly doubt I'll write anything worth keeping. I still have a ton of ideas that I am tossing back and forth in my brain. Maybe eventually I'll get it organized enough and use those spurts of energy for my writing.... it's just hard to pass up a chance to go outside when the weather has been so great. We look like a bunch of moles peeking out of our holes with the sunshine. After the winter we've had, bring on as much sunlight as possible!!

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” ~ Aristotle

Monday, March 22, 2010

Just A Day

Today was just a normal day. Got a lot of homework done, went for a jog and enjoyed this beautiful spring day. I didn't get any writing done, but on my jog I did think up some things I could do with my story. Now if I can translate those thoughts down into words it would be great. I'm going to try and write some tomorrow when I get out of class. We'll see, sometimes my brain is shot after working out from 8AM to 215PM. Damn, I love it.

I registered for a 5K race for MOPS and Casa kids today. It's April 10th, so wish me luck!

Not much else to really blog about. I'll hold back all complaints and whines for another time. I don't want to go to bed frustrated! :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Am The Warrior!

...I've had that song in my head all day today. I was surprised when I discovered I didn't even have it on my iPod, so I of course had to purchase it. Play count is like 20 for the day. LOL.

Today was pretty good. I went to church this morning and the sermon totally rang true. I love when God is right on cue with things going on in your life. He knows what you need to hear. Just amazing. The sermon was about taking things one day at a time. Don't worry about what if's and could have's. All of that anxiety boils up and half the time the stuff you worry about doesn't even happen. All of that turmoil for nothing.

The sermon was perfect also, in the sense that the democrats passed the health care bill today. I'm not going to talk about politics much since it's a very sensitive subject, but it has me worried. They are requiring us to get health care. Of course, this doesn't take effect until 2014, but by my calculations that's coming fast. We have time to plan, but dang it, I can't afford it. I highly doubt I can afford it then either. Even if I could afford it I'm pretty upset about it. How is it freedom when they are now telling us we HAVE to get health insurance? If they're willing to pay for me I'd gladly accept, but they're NOT. I understand why they require car insurance. That's a given. It's to protect the people we can possibly hurt in wrecks. Health care is different. What are they going to take away next? I mean, seriously, where do we draw the line?

(deep sigh)

Today was a good day. At least we have some time to think about what we're going to do before 2014 gets here. I got a TON of writing done. Three writing sessions, all around 1500 words. My goal was to write a lot over spring break. Finally did on the very last day! :-P

Tomorrow it's time to get back in the routine of work/school/homework. Can I get some inspiration?? :-P

Friday, March 19, 2010

Defiant Muse

I think I found the basis of my problem with my writer's block and my muse. To inspire my muse to inspire ME (woah, that's a vicious circle) is to allow it to know that someone is waiting to read what was just written. Usually I write for a little while with a friend over the computer and we exchange and read each other's stuff. I think that is what inspires me to write more. I like the idea of someone reading it as well as getting to read someone else's work when our writing session is done for the evening (especially when said writer is amazing at what she does and I can't wait to see what happens with her stuff.)

Tonight I made a goal to do some writing on my own. I wanted to get a lot of writing done over spring break and well, today is the last day of spring break. :( I got about 450 words jotted down so far. I plan on doing a tad bit more before calling it a night, I just felt the urge to blog some before getting back to the novel. Sometimes blogging opens up the creative juices.

This is a total change of subject because my brain is random, but I had a heck of a time trying to get my new cell phone today. I went into the Verizon store right after work. They were busy as usual so I checked in and waited on my name to be called. Before today I was told by THREE, count them...THREE customer service reps that I qualified for an upgrade today. They tell me that it's not until the 22nd. You talk about seeing red. I've had to jump through so many hoops since Alltel switched to Verizon. I finally threatened to cancel my contract and they were like no no, we can get you an upgrade. You're dang right you will. I'm done jumping through hoops. I NEVER had a problem with Alltel. GRRR, they always have to change good things.

Anyway, I got a phone that I'm totally enjoying so far. It's an LG Chocolate touch. I used to never think I'd like touch screens but ever since I got my iPod touch I love them.

It's finally the weekend. We're going to the Texas Tech basketball game tomorrow. It's the second round of the NIT tournament. Go Red Raiders! Here's hoping the snow scheduled for tonight won't be too intense. I can hear the wind howling outside. On March 19th. When did Texas become the new Alaska? LOL

Quote of the Day: "The best antidote to writer's block is ... to write." ~ Henriette Anne Klauser

Thursday, March 18, 2010

This Is The Day That Never Ends!

So... I woke up this morning in a damn good mood. Got up at 6:00 for once and actually got ready, rather than throwing my hair in a pony tail at the last second. I stopped off and got my UNsweet tea that totally makes my day. And then the crap hit the fan the moment I walked in the door at work at 7:00. "Can you intake Sally's kids, both her and her aide called in sick?" Oh joy.... oh bliss.... Come to think of it, I think there was a total of about nine call in's today... and it's spring break so we're already short handed as it is...

Long story short...I ended up staying until 5:00 this evening...NO lunch break...NO 15 minute break..nada zippo zilch. And to put the cherry on a fantastic day... the girl (that's putting it mildly) that came in at 12:30 in the class next door thought it was HORRIBLE that my aide and I got to leave before her. How dare her work more than three hours in a day? Didn't even get so much as a thank you from the bosses either. I could have said no, I couldn't stay and forced them to find my relief, but I didn't want to make waves on an already hectic day.

I did come home to see that NBC posted a link for Friday Night Lights hilighting "The Best of Eric Taylor." I'm glad to see him getting some recognition in a show that has had to fight for it's life since the very first day.

Here's hoping I'll actually get to leave at my scheduled time tomorrow.... And thank GOD it's Friday! Hopefully by this time tomorrow night I'll have a brand new phone too. The one I have is about to die, I think it just signed some DNR papers.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just Like A Woman...

....I keep changing my mind! I think I totally missed my calling. Well, maybe I didn't, because I know coaching is in me and sports are all I've ever known, but I had an epiphany.

There's a new show on TLC called "Addicted." Its season premiere was tonight. I'm DVRing it so I can watch it in full detail later. Anyway, I've always been completely fascinated by drugs and addiction. Let me clarify before you think the wrong thing! (LOL) I'm not fascinated about actually taking drugs; I'm interested in the aspects of addiction and how all of that works. In my life I've had a few friends fall victim to things of this nature. So bad have I wanted to help. I've read books about athletes overcoming addiction. Josh Hamilton's book, "Beyond Belief" is an excellent read for anyone. It's about his struggle with cocaine addiction and life in general. It's an inspiration for everyone, not just drug addicts.

I've studied drugs. I've learned about what kind of high they give people. I've learned about drug testing and long term effects. Not just illegal drugs, but prescription drugs that tend to get abused. I'm pretty knowledgeable in this subject, and for me, that's great. I'm not that smart in many things, so when I find something that can actually hold my attention for a few minutes, I latch onto it.

I think I would like to be a drug/alcohol counselor. With the degree I'm getting, I can do that. As a coach I will more than likely come into contact with athletes who might be abusing particular drugs. I like how it will overlap into each other. I would say that I'll change my major again but NO WAY. I've done that too much already, hence why that's one of the reasons it has taken me as long as I have.

Sometimes I wish I could get several degrees at once and have many options in a career. Life would be perfect, especially for someone like me who just can't decide what they want to be when they grow up. ;-)

Quote of the Day: “You do anything long enough to escape the habit of living until the escape becomes the habit.” ~ David Ryan

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random Musings

It's pretty sad when I even have writer's block for my blog. And to think, my goal over spring break was to get a lot of writing done and I have yet to accomplish anything. The week is almost half over! >:(

I did however, get two things accomplished today that aren't related to literature. I found a possible dress for the Friday Night Lights screening I am going to in April (yay), and I mastered a yoga pose that I just could not, for the life of me, accomplish. (double yay) It's a shoulder stand and plow. Here are the pics of how it looks:

The first one is a shoulder stand and the second is a plow. If you would've said I could do that in December I would've laughed in your face. I'm glad to finally see some results after all of this working out I've been doing.

Tomorrow after work, my goal is to sit down and get some writing done!! My muse better cooperate, it seems like the only time I get the inspiration to write is when I -have- to get homework done. When there's no other distractions and I have free time there's no challenge I guess.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Insert Title Here

Okay, I don't have a good title for this particular blog entry. It's totally random and in no means is it going to make a lot of sense...that is, unless you are in my crazy head where even I have a hard time understanding what I conjure up in the deep realms of my pea brain.

Yesterday I was at my grandma's house visiting family. She has a bulletin board where she posts up random things from time to time. I was sifting through it and came across an obituary. The last name was extremely familiar and in no means common so of course, it peaked my curiosity and I read the entire clipping. Come to find out, it was a fallen soldier who died in Iraq in 2008. He is the dad of a child in my class. The poor kid never got to meet his father, he passed away before he was born. He was even listed in the section of family survived by the departed. Labeled as "unborn son" and then listed his name. There was absolutely no coincidence. The names are far too rare. So of course I was like, Mema, what in the world are you doing with this obituary? He was a graduate of a high school in this area and she keeps those to see if any of us know who they are. It just never got taken down off of the bulletin board. EERIE! It goes to show that this is definitely a small world.

On a lighter note, I had fun seeing family this weekend. They are leaving tomorrow morning. There was of course the usual bickering and fighting that people do when too much time is spent together, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Also, I'm not sure when the rain started last night but when I got up this morning it was 6:15AM....and it hasn't stopped and it is now 9:50PM. It was mixed with snow at some points and there's a light blanket of the white CRAP across the ground, but it will be gone by morning. At least all that rain didn't turn to snow earlier or we'd be in some bad trouble.

Don't forget to wear green on Wednesday! I'm on the pinch patrol and I'll getcha!

Quote of the Day: “A coincidence is when God performs a miracle and decides to remain anonymous.”

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Circus Performer In The Making

After I wrote my blog on Friday night I checked my school email. I recently applied for federal aide to pay for school. I qualified for the 09-10 school year and got it with no problem. All of my schooling in the past year was free. The grant covered it all. I have two more semesters to go for the 10-11 school year and I figured, no big deal. I'll get another grant or some form of aide to finish up at South Plains College. I even did good and finished my FAFSA early...the sooner you submit the more money you tend to get.

Friday I signed in to check my status. Talk about a mood killer. They are putting me on financial aide suspension because I'm going to exceed 105 credit hours once this semester is over. They don't aide in anything over 105 hours. I can file an appeal and let them know that I've changed my major twice, hence why I have extra classes I don't need to graduate with. It's worth a shot, but I'm just so tired of jumping through hoops to get done with school. When I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel it's quickly darkened by something else I have to take care of before I can get that degree.

All I can do is try to appeal it. If that doesn't work I've got to find an alternate way to come up with that last bit of money to be done before I transfer to get my Bachelor's. Wish me luck!

Friday, March 12, 2010

In A Nutshell... day was pretty good. Work was easy, we had four kids in class so I got to leave around 1:00. That was a shock since I was expecting to have to stay until we were in ratio, which is usually around 4:30. Little did I know we were in ratio all day! :) Funny how that works out.

My cousins got here safely from Granbury. I have an aunt coming in from Guymon tomorrow. I can't wait to hang out with everyone. I saw my cousins for a little bit this evening. I feel like I'm being pulled in 30 different directions but that's okay. It's better than being bored I guess. Dad wants to play golf tomorrow but I think we'll have to postpone that with all of the family that's in town.

As of right now I'm ready to pass out. Though my day was "easy" I'm still ready to crash and sleep late tomorrow! :) Time for some much needed sleepy time.

Quote of the Day: "I love sleep. My life has a tendency to fall apart when I'm awake." ~ Hemingway

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hello...Hello...I'm At A Place Called Vertigo

I've had the case of the dizzies today. And I had class. Let's just say yoga and having vertigo is not fun, especially when I can't even do the balancing poses well to begin with, much less when my world is turned upside down. I'm not sure why I've been dizzy but I'm definitely going to call it an early night and get to bed.

On that note, it's officially spring break. I completed my last assignments for my online classes and had my last day of classes in Levelland for the week. Though I have to work, it's safe to say I'm looking forward to not having homework for a few days. That'll be a nice break.

It also snowed today but didn't stick, thank goodness. I think I've heard Lubbock weather referred to as "bipolar weather" by about fifteen people today. It gives this part of Texas character and honestly, I love it. What fun is it to know exactly what the weather is going to do at all times? Though I do get frustrated, I don't think I'd want it any other way. I hate the cold but I think we're on the home stretch and it will soon be in the past. Here come the spring winds!

Have a good evenin'. Tomorrow is FRIDAY! :) Got lots of family coming into town this weekend. My cousins are coming up from Granbury and I have an aunt coming down from Guymon, OK. I can't wait to see everybody.

Quote of the Day: Good things fall apart so that better things will fall together.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

They're Coming To Take Me Away..Ho-Ho..Hee-Hee..Ha-Haaa

So, my day started out around 6:00 this morning. I got my butt out of bed when I should since today was picture day at work. I even fixed my hair instead of throwing it up in a pony tail like I usually do. Despite the fact that I got up "early" I still found myself running late. Pictures went okay. Only four out of the seven that showed up got individuals and the only boy in class wouldn't cooperate. I'm not sure how the group picture is going to turn out. I hate pictures of myself so I'm sure I won't be happy with how I look in it.

I've been feeling like a mouse in a maze lately. Where's the cheese at the end of it? Oh wait, I have yet to find my way out of it yet! I've been a victim of intense homework lately. Spring break can't come soon enough. Hurry UP next week! I know I'll be working my butt off at work but at least I'll be homework free. In the midst of that defiant attitude, I didn't do any homework tonight either. Instead I decided to delve into my second novel in the works. I wrote over 1,200 words, yay me, and finally moved the plot along a little. I felt like it has been stuck in a rut the past few weeks so tonight was a good step forward with it. I seriously need to make an outline for it!

As for feeling like a mouse in a maze, I just feel like I'm losing my mind lately! I have moments of intense happiness followed by moments of sadness. I run myself ragged all week and Saturday and Sunday just isn't enough time to recover from the five days of insanity. If I'm not at work dealing with the high school drama I'm home dealing with things that won't be mentioned. When I get home from work or school relaxing is just out of the question. I sit and wonder about what I have to get done. Homework, chores, and oh joy, the mowing and yard work is soon to begin. Don't get me wrong, I love spring time when everything starts to bloom.... excuse me while I sneeze... gotta love those allergies... but it sure beats the heck out of winter time. I'll take the sneezing and watery eyes along with the blooming trees over a cold blast of air any day. I can't wait for the second week of May when classes are over. Ah, summer, you're on the distant horizon! You're so close yet so far away!

I can't wait for the weather to stay warm instead of fluctuating. Tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 40's again after several days of 70+ weather. I need to shake off these winter blues! It's amazing how the sun gives people so much energy. Call me crazy, but I'm one of the few who ENJOYS the time change coming up this weekend! Granted, we do lose an hour of sleep but that's a small sacrifice considering the fact that the sun will eventually start going down at dang near 10:00 every night! Hello, here's to MORE energy and MORE time outside! I love to be outside!

There's so much to look forward to coming up in the next few months. Maybe my drastic mood changes are part of it. While I do have some good things coming up, stress comes with the territory. It's nothing I can't handle....BRING IT ON!

Quote of the Day: "I wonder, is it better to live as a monster, or die a good man?" ~ Leonardo DiCaprio; Shutter Island

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Vent of Sorts....

I decided to go ahead and take a stab at blogging again. I've attempted it a few times in the past and got started on a good routine, only to give up and forget all about it. This time around, I'm not so sure the case is going to be any different. With school and work pretty much holding me hostage I barely have time to sleep, much less do anything I want to do.

A day in the life of Jessica Tate consumes of waking up at 6:00 AM, well really, 6:15-6:20AM. What can I say, I love to sleep until the last possible second and then have to rush to make it out the door in time to get where I need to go. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday I get to go to work at Hope Lutheran Church and School. If that isn't exhausting enough on Tuesday and Thursday I trek to Levelland for class. I pretty much workout from 8:00AM until 2:15 with a 45 minute lunch. If I'm not buff by the end of the semester something is up! ;-) I come home each afternoon and attempt to study and do homework, failing miserably for the most part. I usually crash around 10:00 and it all starts over the next day! FUN FUN!

So, if I still have any readers AFTER that boring ramble, kudos to you for sticking around and not falling asleep! Sorry, no awards though, I'm a starving college student in dire need of attention! ;-)

What I really am needing/wanting to vent about is things that have transpired this last week and a half. Well, really, they've been happening a lot longer but I've sat and thought about them more this week than I have before.

I've been on the bad side of some huge negativity lately. It ranged from being bashed on Facebook to things that probably weren't even blatant. I'm sorry, but if you're going to take pot shots at me on Facebook, grow a set because that's just low, even for amoebas on fleas on rats. Needless to say, I made amends with the one's who matter, those who wanna dish out punches below the belt may do so. I've made peace with those who matter to me.

Also, I've been the brunt of ridicule for things that I haven't even done. This stems back to April 2009, yeah, it's been simmering for that long. Watch out, this volcano is about to erupt! I'm being punished by certain people who will remain nameless because of someone I'm associated with doing something wrong. And this is for stuff that happened almost a year ago when none of us where in our right minds! Get over it, and don't dislike me because I'm associated with the person who did wrong to you. I didn't do it, thanks for lumping me into something I have no control over. I guess I shouldn't care what people think of me but that's easier said than done, especially when it's the certain nameless people I'm referring to. Ouch. Thanks for giving me a chance.

My theme for the past week is don't assume. Take off the last three letters of that word and that's exactly what you are when you do assume. Yep, we're all guilty of it, it's just been happening to me in exponential numbers.

Wow, this turned out a tad bit more angry than I intended. If you are still with me, double kudos to you, but still no awards to be handed out. (peaks at bank account) Yep, my financial situation hasn't changed from five minutes ago, sorry!

I think I need to blog more often, even if not many read it, it's still a magnificent way for me to vent and get things off of my chest. It's my diary screaming out loud!

'Til next time, have a good'n!

Quote of the day: You just have to live your life not caring what they think and shake off the drama, and prove to them that you're better than they think you are!