Saturday, June 12, 2010

Soundtrack To Your Life

I've been browsing through a lot of music recently and got to thinking about soundtracks to movies/TV. It brought up a question.... What would be the soundtrack to your life? What songs would be included that can sum up past events as well as things in the present?

It's so hard to just think up a few songs, especially one specific one that could include everything. A few that come to mind instantly are:

1. The Dance - Garth Brooks
2. The Outsiders - Needtobreathe
3. Battlefield - Jordin Sparks
4. Life Ain't Always Beautiful - Gary Allan
5. Someday - Pete Yorn
6. Let It Be - Beatles
7. High Cotton - Alabama
8. Devil Town - Tony Lucca
9. Modern Day Drifter - Dierks Bentley
10. Respect the Wind - Van Halen
11. That Girl is a Cowboy - Garth Brooks
12. She's Like Texas - Josh Abbott Band

Those are just a few I can think up at the moment. If I kept at this, I'd have a crazy list of songs that went on and on. These songs I have just found myself able to relate to. A lot mark chapters in my life that have passed or I am currently enduring. I think everyone can relate to the song, "The Dance".

So I ask, what do you think would be the soundtrack to your life?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Someone For Everyone

Do y'all think there is someone out there for everyone? Is it true that there is that one special person for each of us?

....I used to think so.

Without being too negative, I have my doubts now. I have heard several people I work with talking about this very subject. One girl was saying how she believes we all have a soul mate. All I could think was, easy for her to say. She's married. She's done with the search. Then she went on to say how her mom told her that it's likely that many people don't. Many people are designed to be alone forever. The law and physics of the earth don't measure up to every single person having a match up. After all, statistically, there are more women on the earth than men.

As a Christian woman, I need to keep the faith that God has a plan that HE knows will work for me. HE knows what's right for me, even if I feel it's wrong. If his plan for me is to never get married and have a family, who am I to judge it? It just hurts. I want to be a wife and mother over anything else. To hell with the college degree. To hell with people saying "I sure am jealous of your freedom." or "You're smart for not being married." "Good job in staying single." "You don't need man drama like everyone else." Who are those people to say that to me? It is a painful sting.

Dating is scary. In fact, dating has changed so much. All of the men I talk to don't want things labeled as a "relationship." They don't want commitment. They want the benefits in a relationship without being tied down. Let's just say, I've "dated" a long line of men who were worthless and a complete waste of my time. I've been cheated on, lied to, this that and the other... so my trust issue isn't good right now either.

They say that love finds you at the most random time when you aren't even expecting it. We'll see.

Sorry for the rant, it's just something that's been bugging me.