Friday, April 2, 2010


Spring time marks the start of baseball season, which I am a complete fan of! If it wasn't obvious enough, I'm a fan of the Texas Rangers. They have had their problems with team manager, Ron Washington, but I think that will make the tream stronger. Even if they have another not so great season, it'll still be fun. The peanuts, the cracker jacks, the kids with their gloves running around the ball park ready to catch that homerun hit into left field. The atmosphere is fantastic. It's almost like you are amongst thousands of people who are your best friends for nine innings. Even the obnoxious guy who has had one too many beers and can't control yelling obscenities to the umpire.

In the past, I have been fortunate enough to go to Camden Yards and Wrigley Field. Both are impressive, but I have to be biased and say that nothing beats Ranger Stadium.

I'm going to try hard to get down to Arlington for a few games this season. I want to see Josh Hamilton play before he goes to another team.


arlee bird said...

Tis the season, so Baseball is an excellent B topic. I don't really follow baseball and I find it somewhat boring to watch on TV. However, to be there at the park watching it is a whole different thing. I really enjoy being a part of the entire experience. I've gone to see both the Dodgers and the Angels here in L.A. and several times I've gone to see the minor league Rancho Cucamonga Quakes because of the intimacy of the beautiful stadium, which I believe is owned by Disney.

Once back in the 80s, on a July Fourth, I was in Arlington and watched the Rangers play the NY Yankees, then stayed for the fireworks. I took my son, who was probably about 10 at the time and a big NY Yankees fan. It was a really fun and memorable event.

Very nice post.

Jemi Fraser said...

Yay baseball! As a Canadian, I happily cheer for the Jays :)

Wanda said...

Hi Jessica, thanks for stopping by my place. I was just out in Arlington last week.

Carol Conway-Fleisher said...

Great post! I love baseball too. I will watch at home if I have to but nothing beats watching it in person. I am a Texas girl too. I like the rangers but my team is the Astros. :)

ModernDayDrifter said...

Arlee - I have to agree that I like to be at the ballpark moreso than on TV, but I do enjoy watching it on TV also. I usually can multitask when it's on TV, unless it's a very close game. LOL

Jemi - The Jays are great, of course, when they're not playing Texas! LOL :)

Wanda - Thanks for commenting! I hope you had a good time in Arlington!

Carol - The Astros are a great team too. I cheer for them in the NL. :)

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

For Day B, I also went with "Baseball", or more specifically, "Baseball Bats."

Have never caught a game in Arlington, but let's see... saw a game at old Riverfront Stadium, saw one in St. Louis (I think), been to Fenway twice, and saw two games in whatever they're calling this stadium in Phoenix these days. Stood outside of Wrigley Field once but it was during the off season, so didn't get in to view 9 innings in those "friendly confines". And I literally grew up at Dodger Stadium.

Yup. You can't go wrong using "Baseball" for B. Good choice!

~ "Lonesome Dogg" McMe

Mary McDonald said...

Not sure how I missed your baseball blog post, but I love baseball! While other teens were swooning over the lastest Hollywood hearthrob, I was in love with Bill Buckner when he was a Cubbie. It's Chicago Cubs for me all the way. Today's opening day. Go Cubs!